Winter, Spring Me Back to Summer.

When I can take the blistering, New England wind/cold no more and crave the sun, it's not the beach/palm tree/mimosa combination, that do it for me. Not saying I'd ever turn 'em down, but when you can't have it as often as you'd like, for whatever reason.....  Do you remember that amazing time you had last summer in New England/or the Hamptons/how about AC? Do you remember that girl you met that did that thing? Or that sick party you went to with the amazing music? Or the day you met your sweetheart?

We all have beautiful mental pictures associated with great memories. Mine, from last summer, happens to be in a tangible photograph (because I never? leave home without a camera). I can't help but to smile. It's amazing how one single image can bring so many butterflies. 

Ily looking into a chic, hippie antique shop in one of our favorite places in the U.S, just outside Philly. I can only hope this summer will be half as great :) Cheers!