Honeymoon 4 PA Countryside

Last weekend we celebrated our 4th anniversary with our 4th honeymoon adventure across the Pennsylvania countryside. We did a lot of driving, saw lots of Amish and lived the simple life. Most of the time, we were completely disconnected and living off the grid. We stayed at an Air B&B on the Susquehanna River where lots goats, chickens, dogs and cats also call home. 

The last shot of the back of our house and our peach tree (we got for $15 a couple years ago [score]). The magical pink flowers are the start of the peaches, that the squirrels usually beat us to every year. When we returned from the trip and opened the gates to our backyard, we were greeted with the blooming, soft pink, and beautiful peach flowers. The scene was a reminder for me that surely, it's great to get away and find bits of yourself along the way, but it feels so great coming back to the place you know and love so much.